Tuesdays With Matthew




Tuesdays With Matthew is a program for scene-ior citizens that takes iconic scenes from famous movies and re-enacts them with the scene-iors starring as the leads.

The videos you will see are filmed in our classroom setting and capture our process of reenacting some of the scene-iors favorite films. The movies we have put together are a very small percentage of the work we do throughout the year.

We are sharing our movies to inspire others to find their own “Tuesdays” and highlight the importance of volunteering.

These videos will hopefully also take advantage of the opportunity to further help not just the scene-iors I work with, but seniors I perhaps will never meet.

One hundred percent of the monetization from the views of our videos will be donated to Meals on Wheels, a national organization that helps feed Senior Citizens in need.

My goal is to help prove old is the new young - and sometimes the last act can be the best.

For professional inquiries only and to see if we can visit your center email me at tuesdayswithmatthew@gmail.com




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Highlights from Tuesdays With Mathew


Zach Braff, Ann-Margret talk TWM.


Tuesdays With Matthew


Tuesdays With Matthew: Titanic


Tuesdays With Matthew: Brokeback Mountain


The Internet's Greatest Acts of Kindness, with Taryn Southern







One hundred percent of the monetization from the views of our videos will be donated to my local scene-ior center to ensure their programming continues, and to Meals On Wheels a national organization that helps feed Seniors in need.

Meals On Wheels America is a national organization that combats senior isolation and hunger by providing a friendly visit, safety check and a meal to seniors in need. You can learn more about Meals On Wheels America HERE.




'Tuesdays With Matthew' happened quite accidentally for me and has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. My goal is to inspire others to volunteer their time and create a ripple effect of giving back. Any time you can spend with a seniors citizen is time well spent and can literally change their life. Below is a link from AARP that will guide you and show you just how easy it is to volunteer with this amazing community.


Please keep me updated on your journey. For any questions about the process and how to get started, please tweet at me!  @MatthewHoffman1

I will be more than willing to provide any help and insight I can!

To know how to connect with a local Meals On Wheels program, or to learn about the various ways to volunteer locally,

Check Out This Link




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